Joshue Molina is a visual artist and designer of Salvadorian descent, born and raised in Los Angeles. Currently, he attends ArtCenter where he is pursuing a degree in Photography. Molina has always been fixated on the power of imagery; this innate focus has facilitated his growth. His practice is image based while encompassing a range of processes.

Molina captures environmental issues from his experience of living in the vast, urban landscape of Los Angeles. His views are shaped by the photographic exploration of the city where he captures images of toxicity, waste, and land misuse. Molina’s objective is to create an instant dialogue with the viewer, challenging his audience to critically think about the world we live in and their ecological footprint.

Molina aligns himself with l’art pour l’art and identifies with the following statement:

“As for myself, I work the way I do because of the kind of person that I am – my work is an expression of myself. It reflects me, my fascination with people, the physical world around us, and the exciting medium in which I work. I do not claim that my way is the best or the only way, it is simply my way. It is an expression of myself, of the way I think and feel.”
- Arnold Newman

Molina works with 19th-century processes in photography and printmaking. He continues to refine his skills and looks for inspiration in artists such as Christina Fernandez, Ed Heckerman, Anthony Hernandez, and James Welling





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