Friday afternoon, as I was walking to the boxing gym where I'm currently working on a photo project. This gentleman approached me, he asked me for spare change. I responded "I'm sorry I never carry cash." We both stood patiently at the light to cross the street. He took his first step forward, and I said "if you like I can buy you a meal." He replied "no thanks, all I really want is a chocolate milkshake." We walked into McDonald's, everyone stared us as if we were contagious. After I placed the order I stood there with him and I came to learn that Erick has been institutionalized for the past eleven years. I had the urge, but I didn't ask why. He went on to ask what I did for a living and I responded that “currently, I am following my bliss and am an emerging photographer." He when on to tell me that his father was a photographer, and that he was also a teacher. The time to part ways came and with hesitation, I asked "do you mind if I take your portrait?” Without even hesitating he said “yes!” We shook hands and parted ways.