Hi from Berlin


I just wanted to drop a line to everyone who has helped me on my path. Today marks my second week in Berlin (pronounced Bearlin), my time here has been amazing so far. And, I'm afraid I won't want to head back to LA at the end of my two months. The people here are so open and willing to have meaningful conversations.

Underground Berlin

Top Left to Right: Joshue Molina, Duy Dao, Prof. Michael Sans, Prof. Robert Ball, Alvin Oei, Tatiana Cardenas, and Giafranco Ocampo  

Bottom Left to Right: Elbert Tiao, Cerra Teng, Yeun Kim, Seth O'Hara, and Michelle Parrott

Image by Robert Thompson

My project here is running through Art Center's graphic design program. Our trip is entitled Underground Berlin, where we are exploring the underground scene. Our first week here was possibly one of the most exciting weeks I've ever had. Our professor's divided the city into five sectors and gave us five days to explore the city. This allowed my group (Duy Dao, Seth O'Hara, Yeun Kim, and I) to explore and get to know the city for what it actually is and not look at it as tourists. During this time I took the opportunity to begin photographing the architecture, environment, people, and street art. I've started to post some of the work in progress, feel free to take a look at it when you get a chance. (www.joshuemolina.com/berlin)

After a week of exploring and presenting our exploration with my group, I began to question things... What is the underground? What is Berlin known for?  and; What do the locals innovate? It seems like there isn't really an underground in Berlin. Everything seems to be accepted in one way or another. And, It almost seems like the city has commercialized the underground by offering street art workshops and tours entitled "The Real Berlin Experience". After a conversation with one of our professors I came to the realization that the underground isn't always underground. The underground is whatever is currently being innovated. Berliners are known for being alternative, creative, expressive, foodie, liberal, "Poor but sexy", punk (edgy), and resourceful. The locals have innovated art colonies, co-housing communities, eco-villages, and urban agriculture.

All of these things influenced my concept pitch for my project. I pitched three ideas for my concept, which were alternative communities, alternative dining, and alternative sound. And, at this point my project seems to be based on alternative communities. I will start my research this week which will lead me to the finalization of my concept and allowing to get to my end goal. Currently, my end goal is  to innovate a new alternative community, wether that be with art, design, or photography is one of the things I will discover in my research. 

Dankeschön (Thank you very much),

Joshue Molina