Joshue Molina is a visual artist and designer of Salvadorian descent, born and raised in South East Los Angeles. Molina is a recent alumn of Art Center College of Design, where he received a degree in Photography & Digital Imaging. Molina has always been fixated on the power of imagery; this innate focus has facilitated his growth. While his practice is image based, Molina’s work encompasses a range of processes.

The process of Molina's work is labor intensive, but it allows him to slow down and look closer and differently at his subjects. The act of slowing down creates space for experimentation in-camera and in the printing process. Molina considers the most astonishing thing that happens when working analog to be accidents. He embraces these accidents as apart of his imagery and relies on the essence of Wabi-sabi. For Molina, analog is a way to reconnect, not only with the art of photography but with the ordinary.




 Photo by  Nik Williams .

Photo by Nik Williams.